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Facial Fillers

Hilla Steinberg, MD -  - Ophthalmologist Surgeon

Hilla Steinberg, MD

Ophthalmologist Surgeon & Aesthetic Injector and Certified Laser Specialist & Aesthetic Center located in Upper West Side, New York, NY

Facial fillers are cosmetic injections that smooth out deep wrinkles and creases and enhance your natural features. Hilla Steinberg MD PLLC is a boutique ophthalmology practice that offers aesthetic treatments like facial fillers at the office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City. The eye health and aesthetic expert, Hilla Steinberg, MD, provides high-quality care and personalized attention to help you look, feel, and see your best. Call the office or schedule your facial fillers consultation online today.

Facial Fillers Q&A

What are facial fillers?

Facial fillers are cosmetic injections that add volume under your skin to smooth out wrinkles and enhance features. Many of the visible signs of aging develop because of volume loss. 

As you get older, your skin thins and loses its elasticity due to a slow down in collagen production. These changes make your skin less resilient and more vulnerable to lines and wrinkles.

The layer of fat under your skin also decreases with age, causing your skin to loosen and sag. 

Facial fillers have a gel-like substance that restores lost volume, rejuvenating your look. At her practice, Dr. Steinberg uses the Juvéderm® line of facial fillers, which contains hyaluronic acid (HA) gel to enhance your features.

HA is a substance naturally found in your skin that retains moisture. When injected into your skin, the HA attracts water, resulting in a look that's soft and natural. 

What do facial fillers treat?

Dr. Steinberg uses facial fillers to address a wide range of beauty concerns. She uses these cosmetic injections to treat:

  • Saggy cheeks
  • Thin lips
  • Smile lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Vertical lip lines

In addition to restoring your youthful appearance, facial fillers may even prevent the deepening of the filled-in lines and wrinkles. 

What happens during treatment with facial fillers?

Dr. Steinberg takes a personalized approach to care. Her expert knowledge of facial symmetry and balance allows for natural, youthful results.

While you sit or lie on the exam chair, Dr. Steinberg cleans your skin with an antiseptic agent and applies a numbing cream to reduce discomfort during your injections. She carefully and expertly injects small amounts of filler into the desired area, massaging it into place, and repeating as necessary. 

Your facial filler treatment takes about an hour, and you can resume your usual activities after your session. However, Dr. Steinberg recommends skipping strenuous physical activity for a day or two to reduce bruising. 

With facial fillers, you see results right away. 

Am I a candidate for facial fillers?

Schedule an aesthetic consultation at Hilla Steinberg MD PLLC to see if facial fillers are the best choice for you. Dr. Steinberg offers several aesthetic treatments, including Botox® and laser resurfacing, and works closely with you to design a plan that best meets your needs.

Dr. Steinberg also offers Kybella® injections to get rid of excess fat under the chin and Lattisse® to improve the length and thickness of your eyelashes.

To feel, look, and see your best, call Hilla Steinberg MD PLLC or schedule an appointment online today.